Friday, November 20, 2009

Candy Cane Annie

I just added this little Annie to my website. I cant afford to list too much on Ebay when I'm not getting any sales. It puts me in the worst mood, makes me question my work. BUT, I keep at it, probably because I have so much material and such that I just have to put it to use, even if the finished product ends up in a box! :( LOL

MY RAGGEDY DOLLS candy cane annie 11-06-09

Anyway, here’s the link, and I hope everyone has a great weekend!!
My Candy Cane Annie.

Until Next Time…


AwtemNymf said...

Awwwww- so cute! I'm seeing Raggedies everywhere! WooHoo!! I think every lady/girl/woman should have a Raggedy Annie *winks*

Jess said...

Oh I love Candy Cane Annie - how sweet! I hear you about the ebay fees - I tryed it, hated it, said bad words (which I only do when I am REALLY mad), and vowed never to do it again!! It does put you in a bad mood!

Love all of your work - your button eyed dolls are precious too!!