Sunday, January 25, 2009

A New Look!

I am terrible about changing things. I have to constantly re-arrange things, rather its a room in the house or my website. I just get tired of looking at the same thing. Anyone else have this problem. Maybe its a form of OCD? Anyway, I created a new webset for my site last night. I was up until almost 2am trying to get everything uploaded, fonts changed, etc. And I woke this morning with the WORST headache, BUT, my site is done! And I really like it. So now I have some other things planned today, so time to get busy!

Until Next Time...


Diana said...

Looks AWESEOME!! LOL My friend Shannon is like that, CONSTANTLY changing the look of her blog, site funny, but looks great!

Cinnamon Stitched Primitives said...

Well Im a Shannon too, so maybe the name has something to do with it! ;) LOL