Friday, March 11, 2011

I’ve had a LONG week

And I’m tired. My youngest daughter Tori has been having asthma issues. Her asthma usually doesn’t give her trouble but she had a cold last week but never got rid of the cough. Monday she came home from school with a temp of 103! We did manage to get it down to 99 but the cough just got work, so off to the Dr. Tuesday morning. After an hour visit and breathing treatment, she was given a prescription for steroids and another inhaler. My poor baby was up til 2am coughing. I figured I would give it another day to let the steroids kick in. Thursday, still no change, so back to the Dr. we go. We had the exact same visit, another breathing treatment, oxygen levels good, no fever and was told she just has a viral infection that has flared up her asthma. UGH So today she is much better, still coughing but better.

On top of that, my laptop has been freezing the past couple days, grrr, very frustrating! So since I still have warranty, I give HP a call, ran some tests, did this and that, then was informed I would have to do a system recovery!!! OMG! WHAT!!??!! So after the recovery was complete, I realized…I didn’t back up any of my TONS of patterns, graphics, pics, music, nothing!!! GONE GONE GONE
It just makes me SICK! Luckily most of the patterns I have purchased, were emailed to me. But WOW, the graphics I have collected, no more! Thankfully I did contact 3 of the sites that I could remember purchasing from and they have allowed me to re-download my purchases. THANK YOU!
I did find a few discs with some of what I lost that I saved from my old laptop, so I feel a bit better. In looking through those discs, I found LOTS of my graphic items that I use to make, business cards, address labels, Etsy banners, avatars. I missed those. So I think I will start to create more of those kinds of items and offer them to you!

In the mean time, peek at the Annie I DID manage to finish this week! She is longing for summer to arrive and have an ice cream cone. hehe She is available in my Esty shoppe if you would like to have a new friend. Click here.

CSP Annie 3-09-11.jpg

So I am off to bed, have a great weekend and don’t forget to set your clocks this weekend.

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