Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A day behind

As usual, Im late!
Happy Valentine's Day!
But I did manage to get several things done.
I got a doll body all sewn and stuffed, more muslin soakin in a tea bath,
another postal run and dropping off my Valentine's for our ACOL Valentine Treasure Hunt!
I made lots of fabric lollipops to share. 
I left them around town and hope they will make someone's day!
I did manage to get a few pics before my phone died :(

Placed at the park, I had to put it on top of a trash can, it was kinda windy yesterday and didnt want to leave it on a bench to blow away,

At the post office, I was kind of worried they would think I was leaving a bomb or something LOL

This one is at our local Kroger :)

I left 3 more, at a McDonald's, at a tanning salon and a hotel lobby.

Well Im off to get ready for work, I hope to be more active on my blog, I would love to get to 100 followers, so I can have a giveaway!


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