Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jess is AWESOME!

Jess from Little Dirt Lane has shown us how to add a siggie to our blogs! Thank you Jess! I love it! Now can you teach me how to make a beautiful background for my blog like yours? ;)


Diaper Gifts By Sue said...

Yes, she is awesome! I hope she will teach us how to create those beautiful backgrounds too!

Jess said...

Haha - You guys crack me up - I will be happy to teach you...not an easy task...lots of steps - give me a bit of time and I will post one for you - or I will be happy to design one just for you Shannon! Have a fun day!

XOXO jess

Jess said...

Hi Shannon! I have time today to help you out...send me an email and we will chat about what types of things you want on your blog. I even have cinnamon graphics - ohhhh - lol - I will need you to send me some pictures of your dolls too - I will fix you up nice and pretty! And by the way - I actually enjoy doing this - you don't need to pay me - I am glad to help you out!